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  1. N

    Orange Soap

    Hello all, Wondering about a simple lard-lye soap. I have been experimenting with orange essential oil, but have just run out. It's little pricey, so I began hunting for a cheap source. I found a multitude of domestic products. Has anyone used orange cleaning oil? Many different brands and...
  2. Techie Joe

    First batch - smells like a sweaty Yak

    Okay so I didn't use any fragrance, I wanted the soap to be all natural, here is what happened... I made the recipe using SoapCalc, with Olive oil, Coconut and Castor oil. Full info in the picture below. After taking a whiff of the soap mixture cooking away I decided to lob in a small bottle of...
  3. J

    Soap won't smell when wet!

    Hi everyone! I started making soap about one month ago and I'm now starting to use my soaps. I used the recommended amount of EO and they smell great dry but once wet there is absolutely no odor. Have you ever encountered this situation? Should I increase the amount of EO? Also, I don't want to...
  4. H

    Please tell me, kelp smell goes away?

    I've read several times that the fishy/seaweed smell goes away once cured but I still smell it. I used 2 tbsp kelp powder + 1 tsp spirulina powder mixed with 3oz olive oil, to which I added about 24oz soap batter, to create a nice green color to swirl with. My soap is scented with cedarwood. It...
  5. P

    Smell in Lavender Soap

    I made a batch of CP soap using Lavender EO. I start using the soap after curing for 3mth and smell of lavender is still. During shower, the lavender smell is there but after washing, there is no more smell of lavender on my skin. Any advice how to have the lavender smell on the skin...
  6. H

    Attempt to keep the soap smelling so nicely

    Hi everyone, So, I have been having the common soaping problem - soap that looses scent due to essential oil evaporation. I am trying to figure out a method of keeping my soaps fragrant without shelling out extra bucks for more EO. I have tried cornstarch and arrowroot powder to ground the...
  7. T

    FIRST time Soaper, Please Help

    I finally got up enough courage to try a hot process soap. First time ever making soap. I researched and read for months before attempting it. My recipe was very basic. 22 oz lard 10 oz olive oil 10 oz coconut oil 16 oz COLD water 6 oz lye 1 oz tea tree oil Got lye and oil both...
  8. Michael Faulds

    Weak Frangrace in Soap

    I've become a little bit jealous of some competitors whose soap seems to just lock in the fragrance so nicely. I've notice that they are mostly using spice or flower type scents, while I'm using things like chocolate and citrus. However, it doesn't seem to matter whether I use 3 Tps or 15, the...
  9. H

    Trying to fix a batch

    Hi everyone! I tried HP for the first time. I made a basic soap of 80% olive and 20% coconut. I made the same recipe as a CP and it turned out wonderful. The HP batch smells a little weird though. I scented both batches (the earlier CP and my recent HP) with lemongrass EO but did not put as...