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  1. ozziesgirl

    Best Deal for smaller amounts of lye

    I did a search, but can't find this as a recent topic. I am wondering where you get your best deal on smaller amounts of lye. I have always just bought whatever 2 pound containers were the least expensive from Amazon, because I just make soap for our family and to give as gifts. Our family has...
  2. C

    Favorite liquid soap vanished overnight

    I've been using a liquid soap for showers/face formulated for extremely sensitive skin. The soapmaker has disappeared. I want to make something that's as much like the original as possible. I'm not going to be selling it. So I have no idea what amounts to use when a quart would last me for a...
  3. BattleGnome

    Small batch of CP soap to go

    I think I’m overreacting again but I’ve never made such a small batch that I’d like to confirm with everyone. Olive oil 56.7g Water 21.9g KOH 13g Citric acid 1.5g I am reasonably comfortable with my scale, it’s a jewelry scale and reads to 0.000. It has also been only 45 minutes. Currently my...
  4. C

    Double Check Me?

    Ok I'm hoping to make my first ever batch of soap this week and I guess I'm just a little nervous about my math :/ I am planning on a 2# loaf for my first attempt. Here's my recipe I settled on (modified from a tried and true recipe given to me because I don't have any lard) Tallow 50%...