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  1. Keaton

    Just made my first batch 3 hours ago...

    I started out on a DIY natural beauty kick, and I was kicking around online in bed, planning out a whole two-step washing, clay and essential oil and blabla regimen. The first site recommended a face wash with liquid castile soap as the base. IDK how much it costs where y'all live, but even...
  2. cmzaha

    2 Single Oil Soap Updates

    At the end of last December I made two dual lye full vinegar soap single oils soaps. First was 100% Avocado and the second was 100% Canola HO. The 3 month update puts the Canola soap ahead of the Avocado for lather. The Avocado soap is still very gelatinous like a 100% OO soap at 3 months. If...