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  1. shermluge

    Its Summer.. I could not resist.

    Bought Water Melon scent.. and made the soap.. Smells yummy. :cool:
  2. shermluge

    First HP Swirls

    Since my two vanilla incidents ( Soap on a stick blender ), I used HP to save my first batch. Regarding the second incident (when I discovered the actual problem), leaving me with oils still mixed with the Seizing Vanilla scent. I decided to just do the second batch as just HP. After thinking...
  3. shermluge

    I've seen others do this Had to try

    Loofah in a soap: I didn't have a pipe handy (how I've seen it done before) so I thought I would make a difficult attempt in a loaf mold with a loofah on its side.. Took some thinking of the best way and I believe I found it. It of course was real fun to cut.
  4. shermluge

    Wood Bars

    I could not resist when I saw someone make soap like wood.. I scented mine with Pine and Cedar. Mostly Pine. Here is my attempt ( I was pleased with it):
  5. shermluge

    Vanilla Coffee and Cream to go with the Bacon and Oatmeal

    I could not resist.. Guess I was craving breakfast. Here is some French Vanilla Coffee and Cream to go with the Bacon and Oatmeal ( Couldn't resist the try, Bacon and Oatmeal ). I used a very dark and rich roast ground very fine then made into a very dark coffee with distilled water. Used the...
  6. shermluge

    Couldn't resist the try, Bacon and Oatmeal

    My wife had left over bacon grease that I had to see if I could make into a smooth bar of soap. There was enough to make a small batch with 27% Bacon Grease and four other oils.. I worked the formula for a couple of days till I felt is was good for an attempt.. Wow its smooth and turned out...