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  1. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Moldy soaps, Storage, Packaging, Shelf Life

    This image is from a batch of soap I made on 27 May, 2020 using the HP. Why did these moldy spots appear? ... and isn't it odd that the molding happened to only these 3 out of the 10 bars that had been tumbled together in a sealed plastic bag? The water content was at the rate of 38% of...
  2. Logansama

    Oils, Soap and exposure to heat (Carr Fire)

    Hey there, I was evacuated from the Carr Fire for about 9 days and during that time, my house (which is unharmed!!!) had no power. Everything in my refrigerator went bad, and I'm going to throw out the avocado butter I had stored in there. My question is this: I also had hemp, tallow and Laurel...
  3. S

    How long does Optiphen Plus protect your product?

    Hi all, Nice to meet you virtually! I'm a relatively new soaper (coming back to soaping after a few year hiatus doing mostly HP now switching to CP) and a very new lotion maker. I've made a few batches, but haven't dove too deep into the world of preservatives. I'm eyeing some Optiphen Plus...