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  1. G

    Getting rid of sheep tail tallow's smell

    Hello everyone I have rendered some sheep tail tallow using this method But unfortunately I was unable to get rid of the strong smell. I tried to make liquid soap with it using 45% tallow with 1%superfat but the smell was too strong. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Ladka

    Goat tallow from a he-goat

    I've been just given goat tallow + sheep tallow in raw state. I'm going to cut and melt it. It is obtained from a he-goat and from a ram. The Soapmaking Recipe Builder & Lye Calculator gives SAPs for sheep 0.138 and for goat 0.137. I'm so grateful for the calculator to do all the calculation...
  3. Ladka

    Very old frozen sheep tallow

    As I started planning on my next batch of soap I remembered I must have some sheep tallow in my freezer. I really had a bottle of rendered sheep tallow from a sheep breeder friend. The label bears the date 1 December 2015. I slowly thawed it to get some out of the bottle: it looks whitish and...