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  1. T

    To Shea Butter or not Shea Butter?

    Hi, Newbie here. I have been experiementing with different percentages of oils to try to find a soap I really like. Trying some today which are only 10 days old I notice the ones without Shea Butter bubble and lather SO much better than the ones with. Is this just typical of this stage of...
  2. ForTheDogs

    Thickening Shea Butter - Newbie here

    Hello everyone, My apologies straight away - I'm very new to this and I fear I'll be asking questions that some may find silly. I'm your classic, "Let's have a go at this" guy that fell in love with melt and pour, got halfway ok at it and now I'm obsessed. Many soaps I do are actually not bad...
  3. Soapandso

    Slippery Butters!

    Good morning, I have been making creamers and bath products with Shea and cocoa butter in for a while but I wandered if there was a way to prevent the butter from sitting in the bath, maybe disperse it to prevent your bath from being slippery afterwards? I am certainly very confused ...