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  1. Teapot

    Shaving soap - tallow or dripping?

    Hello soapers. UK soaper here. I want to try making some shaving soap, and after reading through this monster thread: I'm about ready to try some test batches, and want to try the initial recipe (stearic acid and...
  2. Draugr Rekkr

    From New Zealand and jumping in the deep end

    Hi all. I've started this little venture because I wanted to make myself some shaving soap and spending $60 NZD on something that will last me a long time that I might not like is a little... Uncomfortable for me. So I decided I'll make it myself. I haven't found any answers to the questions I...
  3. D

    scenting a shave soap

    I have made multiple 3lb batches of modified CP shave soap using approximately 1oz of FO, but the scents don't POP like other soaps. Any suggestions on making scents more pronounced?
  4. bristles

    Help with using additives in hot process shaving soap

    Hi all, I am new to soap making and will be making my first test batch of shaving soap imminently. I have researched around here and you guys seem very knowledgeable there's some great stuff. In general I'd like to ask when do you add additives and how much?: Living in London I have very hard...
  5. G

    Need to ramp-up production. Where can I find larger equipment?

    Hi All, I have been making and selling shaving soap (hot process) for about 2 months. Sales have been very good. My challenge has been keeping up with current demand. Right now, I use an 8 quart crock pot (that largest I have been able to find). From that, I am able to make about 23 shave...
  6. C

    Hydroxide Issues + Shaving Cream Recipes

    Hi everyone, New to the soap making process (4 batches in). Making the following recipe with both KOH and NaOH: 5% Avacado Oil 5% Coconut Oil 10% Castor Oil 30% Palm Oil 50% Stearic Acid I tried a similar recipe last go round, but I keep getting too base (purple colour on the pH...
  7. S

    Good Shaving Soap Recipe?

    Hi all, I hope this is the right place to post this query. I am new to the forum and this is my first go at formuating my own recipe. I've done a good bit of research on shaving soaps and this is what I have come up with: OO 14oz CO 10oz Castor Oil 8oz Cocoa Butter 6oz Aloe Vera liquid...