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  1. Misschief

    Salicylic Acid in Syndet Shampoo Bars

    Let me preface this by reiterating that I'm talking about syndet shampoo bars, NOT lye based soap. That out of the way, have any of you who make syndet shampoo bars tried incorporating salicylic acid into your bars? One of the issues my husband has is that no matter what ingredients I use, he...
  2. Savage Daughter

    Shampoo bars - what are people's recommendations regarding oils to include?

    I have decided to make only shampoo bars for the ones which will be carried in my local stores, rather than having several different soap base recipes, adding natural colorants & herbal infusions to them all, as well as essential oils. I love shampoo bars on the skin as well. I am not even a...
  3. Misschief

    What Bath & Body Thing Have You Done Today?

    We have a thread for Soapy Things so why not a thread about Bath & Body Things? If you make Bath & Body stuff, what have you done today? I'm in the process of making my third batch of conditioner bars for Sunday's market. Pictures will follow.
  4. D

    Shampoo bar ingredients?

    Hi, I want to make a shampoo bar & I’m curious about which ingredients are good for hair growth (butters, oils, powders, essential oils, etc). I have shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, sweet almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, rhassoul clay, & white kaolin clay. Essential oils...
  5. C

    melt and pour shampoo bars, which oils to use?

    Hi! I'd like to make melt and pour shampoo bars but I'm having a hard time understanding which oils I can use. I have: coconut oil sweet almond oil avocado oil olive oil grapeseed oil jojoba oil I usually use clear glycerin soap base or aloe vera base. I would love any tips or suggestions for...
  6. Kcryss

    Natural vs Semi-Syndet Shampoo Bar Testing

    Both exactly the same with one exception. The one on the left made with 50% finely shredded oatmeal/cinnamon vegan natural soap, partially melted. The one on the right made with 50% SCI. All other ingredients were the same.
  7. Kcryss

    Another Shampoo Bar Thread! Looking for advice/suggestions

    I've been working on making a shampoo bar and based on the threads here and info on the web, here's what I've come up with so far. Any advice is greatly appreciated. There are a couple of ingredients I want to avoid if possible. Capb and emulsifying wax. Thanks for whatever advice/suggestions...
  8. Kcryss

    Lowering HP PH with Citric Add Solution

    I came across an interesting blog about lowering the PH of HP Soap to make Shampoo Bars. It caught my attention so had to read it of course. The though process is to add the Citric Acid solution at the end of the cook. One person said she excludes 90g of water during the lye prep and adds it...
  9. Zing

    Shampoo Bars, questions before making

    Dear crafty people, Can I please hear from experienced shampoo bar makers? I make cold process soap and am now getting requests for shampoo bars. I've got a lotta totally noob questions! How do you use them? If you've made cold process soap, how does it compare to making them? In the...
  10. R

    Shampoo Bars/Conditioner bars

    Hi! Does anyone have a good link/recipe to shampoo bars or conditioner bars? Not soap bars made with lye. Looking for a recipe that are similar to the lush shampoo bars. I have not been able to find a good recipe to use. Thanks in advance!! Ruby
  11. Meena

    Shampoo bars

    In 2013, a member @judymoody (appears not to be here any longer) wrote: "The high pH of CP soap will tend to roughen the hair cuticle unless you follow with something acidic." Unfortunately, my Scientific Soapmaking book hasn't arrived yet, so can someone please tell me if this would also be...
  12. O

    Favourite Recipes - Shampoo, Etc.

    Here are some recipes that I thought other soapers might be interested in. They have been very successful for me over the past 8 years. Note: I take my water component, cut it in half when using milk, and mix my lye with only the water. I add the milk to the oils when I'm ready to mix in my...
  13. L

    Rooibos Tea and Pink Kaolin Shampoo Bar Recipe

    Recipe is for rebatch/hand-milled soap base. Also includes a recipe for Rooibos tea and apple cider vinegar hair rinse. This recipe is in a FREE eBook format and is available at Amazon Kindle, B&N NOOK and numerous other online sites. Here's the Amazon US link...
  14. E

    Anyone here have dreadlocks and make shampoo bars?

    Okay I've done a search here and didn't find much info. I was wondering if anyone makes dread shampoo bars. I'm not looking for a recipe per say as much as just helpful information on making shampoo bars. Mostly what is a good superfatting % Dreadlocks don't need as much conditioning in the...
  15. cursivearts

    To Color or Not to Color Shampoo Soap

    I love making shampoo bars. It's one of the reasons I started soaping in the first place. I just wondered how many people here colored their shampoo and why or why not? I am thinking about putting thin layers of color in each of mine, but I'm not too sure about full-on coloration. Those of...
  16. L

    Pink Clay & Shea

    Pink Clay & Shea is one of my favorites because the pink stays pink! Of course it contains my favorite additive -- shea butter. This is a rebatch [hand-milled] base.