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  1. soapybubbles

    Shampoo bar is too soft

    I tried making a shampoo bar with rice flour. I made it as simple as possible (no gardeners or thickeners) just to see the true effect of rice flour. It's now been 4 days of drying and the shampoo is still soft (like play dough). What do you recommend to harden it? I'm thinking maybe stearic...
  2. kathrynmara08

    Stephenson Shampoo Bar

    Hi everyone! I just made a shampoo bar using Stephenson Syndapore melt and pour, plus 10 percent Shea butter, and 2 percent coconut oil. It looks nice, but I'm not getting any lather at all. Does anyone have any advice or know what I may have done wrong? Thanks!! Kathryn
  3. kittyclark53

    Kitty's Shampoo Bar for Fine Hair"

    Recipe coming soon. I hurt my back and can't walk good at the moment. I will post the recipe later tonight!