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  1. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Oils on top of curing soap

    Is the sky falling? My 'cold' process batter got a 'little' hot when mixing, ie around 75 C. It is now in a tall cylindrical PVC log mold that traps heat exceptionally well. I decided to leave the top off and realized a layer of obviously separated oil that is roughly 0.25 inch thick siting on...
  2. Kevin roberts

    My wife is not happy. The kitchen is a mess.

    This is my third batch and less of a failure than the first two. 30 oz coconut oil 50 oz olive oil 11 oz lye 24 oz beer I’ve been trying to dry a portion of this batch that volcanoed yesterday in the oven. I’ve been turning the temp up a bit every hour or so. At 170 degrees, a portion, about...
  3. Amber123

    Layers fault completely

    I did a toy embed I saw on soapqueen and the clear layer in the middle unmolded from my colored scented layers because I put the mold in the fridge. I haven't worked with layers before and whenever I make a m&p its habit to put it in the fridge because my kids typically want to use it asap. Is...