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  1. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Does Bentonite Clay Feel Abrasive to People with Sensitive Skin?

    I realize that I definitely do NOT have sensitive skin as I barely notice the presence of slight granular exfoliation while people with sensitive skin start screaming otherwise. I want to make a soap for someone with excessively oily skin that is also sensitive and acne prone. Is such a person...
  2. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Sodium Acetate (from Vinegar) - Safety, Other Reasons for Use & Sweatiness?

    I understand that the acetic acid in vinegar combines with caustic soda to produce sodium acetate and that, being a salt, the sodium acetate provides the benefit of hardening the soap. My very unscientifically informed internet search suggests that sodium acetate can cause skin irritation. To...
  3. E

    Alternative scenting ideas?

    Hi! I’m new to soap making, as in I haven’t even done it yet lol! But I would really like to get started, I just have one question. I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin. I use fragrance free soap currently, but I want to have fun with scents! But essential oils leave me breaking out in rashes. When...
  4. bizarrebunny

    New to soap making...Iodine and INS numbers!

    Hi, soap making noob here. I have very sensitive, eczema prone skin and I'm currently stuck using a hair and body wash made for children with sensitive skin. I've started researching soap making as I'd quite like having something a bit more 'grown-up' to use. So far I've come up with a list of...
  5. T

    Sensitive skin and eo's and fragrances

    Hello, I always seem to have to make everything unscented for my home since we are sensitive. Has anyone found an alternative to give some kind of scent to the product. In creams or lotions= I am sick of the raw shea butter and coconut scent.. I have used Lavender eo's and Chamomile but thought...
  6. B

    Tattoo soap? Can someone help?

    My friend is getting a tattoo and she requested that I make a batch of soap for her to use while it heals. I know it shouldn't have a strong fragrance but I did want it to have SOME fragrance, any ideas? Another thing is that I don't know if I should use milks or clays or any additives in the...
  7. mcdonaldjs

    New and looking for ideas for sensitive skin

    Hi all, My daughters and I have very sensitive skin and everything we buy in stores irritates our skin. So... we have decided to start making our own soap. I began making our own laundry soap a month ago and we already see a big difference. Now we're on the quest to learn how to make our own...