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  1. S

    Are there licenses or permits that are needed to sell?

    I've got everything together to start selling my soaps and other spa products (lotions, lip balms, etc.) but I don't know if there are any permits or anything like that that I will need to have before selling. I plan to sell online, either on my own website or on etsy. I know an ingredient list...
  2. MatthewDM

    Is saran wrap needed?

    Is it necessary to saran wrap soaps if you are going to sell them on etsy or at farmers markets? What is the purpose of saran wrapping the soap?
  3. MatthewDM

    Boxes for shipping

    For those of you that sell your soap, how to you package them? What type of box do you use? What brand?
  4. C

    Is anyone selling on Amazon?

    We are looking to sell on amazon shortly and looking for those already selling there. I looked at this briefly before and remember then asking for upc number, etc. Thanks in advance for anyone info.
  5. S

    New soap maker from Missouri

    Hi, I'm new to the soap making business. I have done a couple of batches of CP soap and enjoyed it. When I went to find insurance to cover the candles and other products I sell, I found the soap guild to have the best prices for product liability. However, I must sell some kind of soap to...