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  1. Persnickety

    Scents and essential oils that do and do not seize

    Does someone know of a grand chart of scent extracts and essential oils that tells whether they do or do not seize? Can everyone please tell me essential oils that do and do not seize, in your personal experience? Thank you
  2. J

    odd reaction when adding lye...

    So I had something happen that's entirely new to me. As I was adding the lye to the oils, the mix pretty much set up - almost seized - instantly. It wasn't a full seize, just moved through trace and to a porridge-like consistency) smooth, pourable, no grain) - Kind of like cold motor oil. The...
  3. G

    Did I screw this up or what???

    Today, I did my 7th 2-pound batch of CP soap, and thought I had it all good, but when I checked it an hour later... what happened to my soap??? Everything was going just fine, at a light trace, and I added some tea grinds for an exfoliant, then 1 tsp of turmeric, and then I added the 1 oz of...
  4. cursivearts

    Avoiding Seize?

    Hello all! I had my first seize today when I added a eucalyptus mint FO I'd never tried before (from Bulk Apothecary, in case anyone is wondering). I wonder if anyone had any tips or tricks for avoiding seize in the future? Specifically, I came across one blog post that said they added...
  5. Mommysoaper

    Mango from ED

    I tried a new FO-- Mango madness from ED. Now usually I only order lye and some EOs from ED, but decided, "What the heck?" the other day and ordered two FOs: Clean Cotton and Mango madness. I didn't use CP for the Clean Cotton but put it into my liquid laundry soap-- not bad. Just tried using...