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  1. BirchandTallow

    Dumb Dumb Moments: Zany's Faux Seawater Recipe

    CLIFF NOTES: Basic chemistry. Mix Seasalt and Baking Soda in separate cups of hot water. I didn't do this and my solution was cloudy from being undissolved. THE STORY: Early this morning, I found ZANY’S NO SLIME OLIVE OIL CASTILE recipe and was intrigued by the Faux Seawater Recipe included in...
  2. SudsyPigeon

    Brittle and Sudsy ZNSC

    As promised in my first post on SMF, here’s my attempt at Zany’s No Slime Castile. As you can see from the photos, the loaf is very brittle, and was this way by the second day. I’m assuming my fine sea salt filled the tablespoon measure more than others’ salts, making for a harder bar, but...
  3. sirtim100

    Marseille/Castille soap (with seawater) help and suggestions

    Hello all I live in North East Spain, so two ingredients that are easy to obtain are good olive oil and seawater. It's an embarassment of riches, so I'm thinking of making a Castille/Marseille type soap. I made some before but this time I want to make it with seawater. It'll have to be CP...
  4. Iluminameluna

    Confused about Soleseif and adding fruit puree

    I've read the posts suggested in another thread and, among others, Bramble Berry's post on how to best add fruit puree to a recipe (the suggestion is 1 part puree, 2 parts liquid). However, elsewhere, but I don't remember exactly where, I read/saw that some acid, like a citrus juice or...