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    The Dish

    I forgot my password on The Dish and the captcha thing is not active and I cannot get it reset. I need to replace my fragrances from The Scent Works and there is a long thread of dupes there. Can anyone help?
  2. M

    Seriously, What Happened to the Scent Works?!

    Spring 2014 - they were great, orders came fast -- albeit missing a small thing here or there that was "out of stock" but never refunded, but overall i was happy. i now have two scents exclusive to their line and Holidays 2014 they dropped the ball completely-- ignore messages and took over a...
  3. J

    A complex Lemon Verbena that sticks?

    I've triend ScentWorks Lemon Verbena, am happy with the high quality of their frangrance oils in general, but the Scentworks Lemon Verbena does not permeate a cured Cold Process soap very well. Part of the issue is the low flashpoint I think- anything at or below 140F tends to vape right out...
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    The Scent Works worth it?

    I have identified three fragrances I would like to add to my list from the scent works. I read the reviews on the soap scent review. I added three four ounce bottles and go to check out......55$ for 12 oz. of FO with shipping. The shipping alone was 12$ and I live one state away. I ordered...