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  1. Black Cherry Soap #2

    Black Cherry Soap #2

    Black Cherry Soap #2. Small batch (2 bars) of soap made with black cherries for SCC Food & Drink challenge. Method described in this thread:
  2. Black Cherries & Paprika - aka Black Cherries Soap #3

    Black Cherries & Paprika - aka Black Cherries Soap #3

    Made for SCC June 2019 challenge, advanced category, using 1:8 ratio of food to oils. I puréed the cherries, prepared natural colorants, created the water replacement drinks from scratch & made this soap via CPOP. Smells divine, like baked goods, no added fragrance. Link
  3. Black Cherry Rimmed Soap - 2019June10_001

    Black Cherry Rimmed Soap - 2019June10_001

    Experimental Black Cherry soap made with a 1:8 ratio of purée to oils in the filling of the rim. The Rim was also experimental using alkanet root powder as colorant to achieve a deep purple, buttermilk was also added to the batter for the rim. Rim made June 9, final soap made June 10, 2019.
  4. Rimmed Hearts 2018 & 2019_001

    Rimmed Hearts 2018 & 2019_001

    Chasing the Perfect Rimmed Heart experiments. Blue rimmed heart July 26, 2019. Purple rimmed Black Cherry soap June 10, 2019. The Black Cherry purple rimmed hearts are a practice soap for the SCC Food & Drink challenge. Fondant Mat used in making the purple rim on June 9, 2019.
  5. Alkanet Deep Purple_001

    Alkanet Deep Purple_001

    Deep purple,almost black from Alkanet root powder. The cannabis leaf soap I made June 9, 2019 is from the same batch as the rims on the Black Cherry soap made the next day. Black Cherry purée used at 1:8 ratio to oils in round soap centers. Practice for SCC Food & Drink challenge.
  6. Pink Man Group - 2019May07

    Pink Man Group - 2019May07

    Made with Pull-Through method & mesh bag. A salvaged Cuties bag, chop sticks & gear ties kept it in shape at the bottom of mold, then pulled up & through the soap batter. The male torso is what gave me the name for this vegan 70% hard oils soap. Fragrance: Dragon's Blood.
  7. Pull-Through Soap - 2019May07

    Pull-Through Soap - 2019May07

    Another view of the same soap batch as the Pink Man Group soap that shows a male torso. 30% Soy wax, 30% OO, 15% Cocoa Butter, 15% Shea, 10% CO. 2% SF, [33% Lye] Fragrance: Dragon's Blood. Steph's M&M: Peacock Blue; Radically Reddish Neon; Cosmic Purple.