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  1. Kelly Frizzell

    Vegetable Ghee, is it Palm Oil?

    I was trying to find Palm Oil as a lot of the beginner recipes I have found ask for it - after checking a few places, I read that Vegetable Ghee was Palm oil so I sent hubby to get some, but the ingredients say Soybean Oil and then Palm Oil), I cannot find it on a Soap Calculator (I have found...
  2. Logansama

    Questioning everything...Soap Calc and INS

    I was putting some of my favorite recipes in SoapCalc the other night, and noticed that virtually all my recipes (and they aren't all my creation) fall low on the INS range. SoapCalc says the optimal INS is 136-165 and all mine run about 127 to 135. I'm really trying to up my game with the...
  3. BattleGnome

    peanut butter

    I was exceptionally overtired this morning and stayed up way too late. Somehow this gave me the inspiration for a peanut butter stout soap, I dont know why. I dont think I'll make a peanut butter stout soap but I do have some time off next week that I was planning on using to soap, at base I'd...
  4. C

    Infused Oil Help

    Hi all! I have been making soap now for around a year, and during this time I've been following pre-made recipes found online with minimal tweeking here and there. I'm at the point where I'd like to create my own recipes, and I've done a lot of research into SAP #s and calculating lye...