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  1. DianaMoon

    A Little Essential Oil Levity

    Zany in Co suggested that I use my ridiculously huge stock of jojoba oil, bought years ago for some reason I now can't recall, as a carrier oil for other EOs. Someone else suggested I buy Peru balsam as a sub for vanilla EO. I did. It was thick & resinous, so I diluted it with the jojoba. It...
  2. DianaMoon

    What do you use for your 'base note'?

    I realize that what I'm about to say is heresy, but I don't like sandalwood. Which is a pity because I have most of a bottle of genuine sandalwood oil. It's fantastic for anchoring a scent, which is what a base note is supposed to do. I just don't like it. Maybe I don't like it because it...
  3. serene_caprine

    Sandalwood Powder

    Hello! A reeeeeally long time ago I purchased a stash of all natural soap colorants. One of these was called "red sandalwood powder" but it looked really orange... think the skin of a naval orange type-of-orange. I read briefly about sandalwood turning soap red, maroon, or purple-ish. I am...