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  1. Tubby Tabby Soaps

    How do I separate glycerin/glycerol from CP soap?

    I'm hoping someone can help me out! I've been reading about "salting out" glycerin from soap and I wondered, once the soap is skimmed off the top, how does one separate the glycerin from the nasty stuff and salt and so on? Like, my understanding is that there's going to be impurities and such...
  2. BattleGnome

    First salting out/rebatch

    I've melted this soap down 4x and I'm starting to worry about its integrity. First melting: 1:1 soap to water. As it was heating I reread Deanna's tutorial about salting out soap. I should have used double the water but was too lazy to measure out more. I'm also sure I added my salt too...
  3. L

    Brining out bacon soap

    I take bacon grease from the kitchen where I work and use the crock pot hot process method to turn it into soap. I work at a fat discount to ensure complete saponification. I will generally start a batch in the morning, let it boil for a while, turn off the heat, and then bring it back to a...
  4. B

    My procedure for salting out

    Four years ago I posted a question here about salting out soap, which was received with some confusion. I now have reached the point where I have mastered salting out to my own satisfaction. I will describe my procedure, not because I think it original or in any way better than any other, but...