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  1. Winnie and Piglet

    Winnie and Piglet

    Soap painting "Winnie and Piglet" Wet on wet soap painting created for the SMF soap challenge 1920's theme, hosted by Saponista in November 2017
  2. Salted Halloween Odyssey

    Salted Halloween Odyssey

    Hand cut salt bar (soap)
  3. Salted Intaglio In Charcoal And Zinc

    Salted Intaglio In Charcoal And Zinc

    Carved (halloween) salt bar Coloured with activated charcoal and BP grade zinc oxide. Created for the carved soap challenge, hosted by toxikon in Sept 2018
  4. Stone Soap Horse

    Stone Soap Horse

    "BlueStone" Andalusian Soap horse, carved for the SMF Stone Soap challenge, hosted by newbie in February 2019.