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  1. BlueEyedFloozy

    I'm kind of freaking out

    Hey everyone! I'm brand new here and fairly new to soap making. I have a safety question. I am making hot process soap and my mouth feels a little zappy after eating in the same room that the soap is cooking in. I was extremely careful (I'm one of those people who are afraid of dangerous...
  2. B

    Safety regarding dogs

    Hello! I’ve just gotten into soap and made my second batch just a minute ago. I heard a tiny lye bead land on the floor, which panicked me a bit because I have a small puppy at home who has a tendency to taste everything he finds. I hoovered the kitchen and surrounding areas two or three times...
  3. C

    Favorite liquid soap vanished overnight

    I've been using a liquid soap for showers/face formulated for extremely sensitive skin. The soapmaker has disappeared. I want to make something that's as much like the original as possible. I'm not going to be selling it. So I have no idea what amounts to use when a quart would last me for a...
  4. Iseleigh

    Question about safety of EO's and scent sources

    I'm trying to work out a scent blend for several Appalachian themed soaps (CP, for Halloween) and after poking around on this forum a bit I found this thread ( that mentions a few oils I had planned on using. I guess it...
  5. MickeyRat

    My first lye burn

    I've been making soap a little more than a year and I've had a few accidents but, I wasn't burned. I had mixed the lye and oils in a batch and was working it to trace when I spilled about half the batch in my lap. At first, I thought my pants had saved me. I stripped them off and threw them n...
  6. DianaMoon

    Newbie Cleanup Questions

    I did my first batch, and I survived. I scrupulously observed all the safety measures, until the very end, when.... I cleaned up my equipment (plastic yogurt container in which I mixed the lye, plastic tub in which I measured out the lie, whisk, plastic spoon, stainless steel pot) in the bathtub...
  7. S

    Oxides and Bath Bombs

    I have a bunch of red and black oxide powder and was wondering if it's safe to use them in bath bombs. If so, how much should be used and is it necessary to mix it into a carrier first? (Glycerin, oils, etc.) Thank you so much! :bunny:
  8. O

    How to store caustic soda? A safety issue

    Hello again :) I finally got the right caustic soda and I made a bit of soap yesterday to test it. Sorry, this will be a bit long, I just want to explain it properly. I am a bit of a safety freak, especially since I have kids and pets around the house, so here is my issue: The caustic soda...
  9. G

    Possible reaction to lye? Anyone else have this irritating issue?

    Hi everyone! I have been lurking forums, watching countless videos and taking copious notes for a few months, and today decided it was time to be brave and try my first batch of CP soap. Despite all of this research I am still painfully new so please forgive my possibly dumb questions :oops...