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  1. C

    Fresh EO blend that holds up after cure

    Hello! I'm making an Activated charcoal brine soap and want it to smell herbaceous, minty, uplifting, fresh! However I've had a hard time making this EOs stick, even by the time I'm unmolding I can barely smell the blend. I've been using 3% of oil weight, which is what I use for my other...
  2. elurah

    Armoise Mugwort in Soap

    Hi all, I got armoise mugwort (artemisia alba) from NDA and I am really excited to use it in a blend:computerbath: Per IFRA max is 1% in Soap. I am terrible at describing scents but it smells very green and a bit spicy, with a lingering sweetness. Kind of like if you chewed on the stem of a...
  3. scott312

    Rosemary Mint

    Hello everyone. I have not make my first batch of soap yet. I am looking for a Rosemary Mint CP recipe. Just want a plan bar soap. No hard herbs or vegetation added :) Just the oils for flavor :) something like that I guess. Thank you