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  1. DanDan

    white spots....please help

    Hi guys, I made my 5th batch of soap today using a basic recipe of: 25% coconut 25% shea 40% olive 10% castor I decided to get a bit adventurous with this batch and swap half of the distilled water with pureed rice for my lye solution. I added 50g cocoa to my liquid oils and at the very last...
  2. Stuart Graham

    M&P Rice soap recipe questions

    Hi, I'm trying to make a rice soap using melt and pour glycerin. I'm reading so many different recipes and I'd like to try these ingredients besides rice: cinnamon powdered coconut orange or lemon zest Why, well let's say there is a desert based on rice (I think it's named rice pudding in...
  3. Dawni

    Triple rice soap

    I'm so happy about these! For Christmas I had given my soap experiments away as gifts to family members. My mom has 8 siblings ranging from ages 49-62, and we are 22 first cousins, few married with kids, aged between 16-39. Some live nearby, some live quite far. You can imagine how many mini...
  4. Misschief

    Cabbage Rolls/Galumpki

    For those of you who make them, what do you use - tomato juice, tomato soup, or tomato sauce? I'm trying to remember what my parents' neighbour used to do but that was over 50 years ago. I've never made my own but I want to. Any tips or tricks to share? Fave recipes?