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  1. N

    Hello from Virginia - And a question about the hobby and plastic

    Hi there! I've been interested in soap making for a few years now but never really had the time or space to really go all in. Now that I've finished grad school and am in a much more financially stable place, I'd really like to give the hobby a try (and not just soap but some cosmetics/skincare...
  2. Silvia Stieger

    Recycled kitchen oil for liquid soap

    Dear forum members, my question is if I can make Liquid Castile Soap with used kitchen oil (mainly sunflower oil, KOH as reaction agent)? Any experiences that differ from classic Castile soap making? Important dos & donts ? Thank you in advance for sharing knowledge :)
  3. Sar

    CP soap scraps into liquid soap without heating

    Hello, everyone! I supply wholesale CP soaps and have a lot of scraps and rejected bars which we recycle by grating/ cutting and then letting it sit in a bit of water for 48 hours, occasionally stirring. We usually eyeball the soap to water ratio - the water just about covers the soap bits...
  4. H

    Recyclying amber EO and FO bottles

    Has anyone come up with good alternate uses for empty amber FO and EO bottles? I have several that I can't bring myself to throw away, especially the ones with the dropper tops. The little sample ones are so cute I keep thinking there must be something I can do with them. If they were...