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  1. S

    When rebatching, can i combine 2-3 different batches together?

    Can I add several different soap batches which has different ingredients, EOs etc together and rebatch? I have 2-3 want-to-fix soap batches but the quantity isn't that much so I was wondering if I can mix those together and get a one big batch and don't have any problems. Thank you!
  2. R

    Making a neutral soap "base" for rebatching

    I was wondering if anyone makes a "neutral base soap" which can later be used as the bulk of the soap for making specialty rebatched or even milled soaps. I would think that if making rebatched soaps it would be possible to combine a number of different base soaps to get the desired result...
  3. T


    I have tried to rebatch soap, carefully following directions I've read in books. (I am trying to rebatch a successful basic cold- precessed soap. My soap goes from slightly melted to suddenly balled up like bread dough that is ready to be kneaded! It never reaches the watery cottage cheese or "...
  4. B

    Why has my soap white stripes?

    Hi! :) I have been making some soap the last 6 months and it's an amazing hobby. I have signed up to join a marked in Bergen the 1 of june and since I first make the soap base, let it lie for 6 weeks and then melt it down again and add essential oils. I am so glad I found this forum...
  5. seven

    Murder by FO

    the defendant: milk FO (it's a local one, it's just called: MILK) the deceased: case: okay, so i was trying a new FO from a supplier who said absolutely nothing at first. was happily SB-ing, adding color, adding FO, then.... BAM! in a matter of 10 secs: ricing, a nasty one. i didnt dare try...
  6. Ravenscourt Apothecary

    HELP with glycerin soap!!!

    Hi all, So I made a batch of CPOP soap, and the coloring in it didn't work (I used beetroot powder hoping to achieve a nice shade or reddish pink, however, it turned an ugly shade of light brown instead). That, combined with the fact that the scent wasn't great either (jasmine and black pepper...
  7. roguehippo

    Immediately Rebatched Salt Bars

    Has anyone ever re-batched salt bars within 24 hours of making them? Yesterday I made salt bars for the first time and used 1:1 salt to oil ratio. When I tried to take them out of the silicone molds this morning they were super crumbly. So I decided that since it wasn't a super large batch I...
  8. C

    re-batching bad soap?

    I was experimenting with milk in soap, and it did not go well, I got lots of oily spots everywhere, and I know it is not DOS, can I simply re-batch it? or would I need to add something to balance it? PLEASE HELP! don't like to throw away soap that could be harmful!
  9. B

    What do you think? Rebatch

    So as some of you know that have been helping this newbie out ,that I have been having issues making soap :( I made a really pretty mint green CP soap scented with BB cucumber melon. It was colored with High Ph labcolor in Green & to make it lighter with a sparkle I use a white mica all from BB...
  10. M

    CP fail plz help!

    So I made cp soap and after 24 hrs the soap was still soft ,I tested it by putting my tongue to it and I burned it bad. :( Anyways I let it sit another 2 days and today I saw small crystals forming on the top and lots of liquid on the bottom and a bit on top. What happened to it? Can I...
  11. K

    Why was I so afraid of rebatching??

    Was worried about my lye clumping up on three batches I made a couple of days ago. Couldn't decide which rebatching method to try for the first time, so I tried a different one for each- crockpot, oven and double boiler. It was soooo much easier than I thought! Maybe because the soap was still...
  12. M

    CP Kosher Salt rebatch question

    Hi All, I am new member. Please excuse me if I am perhaps posting a question that someone else may have answered at some point already. I am new to forums as well as CP soaping. ( I didn't see a search options for a question) A little about me: I just started making CP Soaps about 2 months...
  13. C

    Oh no..... Sad day. What do I do!!!!

    Here I am making a lovely two color rose soap. I am layering it and it looks amazing. It's behaving very nicely. I am feeling really good about it and I look over and OH NO I FORGOT TO A THE REST OF THE COCONUT OIL. So bummed. What do I do? I made a three pound batch. (The four pound mold I got...