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  1. C


    Hi everyone. I just started infusing different oils and I am having a few problems I tried googling but got nowhere. I used Coconut oil + DRIED mint leaves, double boiler low heat for about 4-6 hours. Strained it, canned it. It has been sitting in the mason jar for about 8 hours now and I...
  2. Anstarx

    Idea: spoiled milk and fryer oil soap

    No I'm not crazy. Okay maybe a little. I can’t really say I’m ever a very environmentally conscious person. I will try not waste anything but I also use disposable items for daily life and for crafting. However, I came across a thread about using rancid oil for soap which really intrigued me...
  3. Dean

    Soap Spoilage

    If a bar is comprised of various oils with the oil with the shortest shelf life being 1 year, can it be expected that the bar will go rancid/DOS after one year without preservatives? Does HP, CP or super-fat make a difference?
  4. D

    Body Butter Preservatives

    So i have been making small batches of butters for myself over the past few years. I usually would make them on a weekly basis, and would use them so quickly that I never really had time to see if they would go rancid. With the winter months here, and the fact that my life has gotten kind of...
  5. L

    Did my soaps went rancid?

    Hi to everyone, I'm making olive oil soaps (4% superfatting) I'm having discoloration problems with some of my soaps and i don't know if it's rancid issue or just an aesthetic problem from curing process. The discoloration occurs always at the bottom of the soap as they cure. The soaps cure...
  6. T

    FIRST time Soaper, Please Help

    I finally got up enough courage to try a hot process soap. First time ever making soap. I researched and read for months before attempting it. My recipe was very basic. 22 oz lard 10 oz olive oil 10 oz coconut oil 16 oz COLD water 6 oz lye 1 oz tea tree oil Got lye and oil both...
  7. R

    Can I use cow's Milk Butter in soap?

    Can I use cow's milk butter in cold process soap? I have access to fresh, non pasturized cows milk and make soap. Can I use either the butter or the milk in soap? or will it get rancid? Thanks
  8. Rick Nelson

    Spoiled Olive Oil?

    I couldn't find this topic using the search function, so I'll put it out to the forum. I'm new to soap making. I wanted to make up a few batches to give to my friends and family, so I purchased larger than usual quantities of oils. I bought 6 liters of olive oil, which came in two 3 liter...