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  1. AliciaE

    Newbie with TONS of questions

    Hi all! To say I’m new to the art of cold pressed soaping would be an understatement. My husband decided out of nowhere that he thought we should get into soap making and start a small side hussle at the local market for fun. Being the DIY, craft crazy nut I am, I jumped right on board. That...
  2. Mopie

    Beginner Soap Maker w/ Questions!

    Hello! I just took up the hobby of soap making recently with a kit, and have already ordered some supplies. Before I start making some beautiful melt and pour soap though, I have a couple of questions for you guys. First of all, I was watching some MP soap videos, and I noticed that almost...
  3. M

    questions on hp soap

    so i decded to check out hot process soap and i have a few questions that i havent been able to find the answers to yet so if your making hp soap is taking the gel phase out does that mean that once your hp soap cools you are able to cut it without any gel phase happening again? please add any...
  4. hipsdontlye

    Lurk Lurk Lurk + Question on Rules

    Hi folks, Just your friendly neighborhood lurker here. Been following you all for some time now, so it's time I introduce myself. I'm hipsdontlye... I like cats (and have 3), cooking, the outdoors, and of course, making soap. I currently make & sell soap among other things for work. Nice to...
  5. M

    Help A Newbie Out?

    Thanks in advance for any and all info anybody can give me! I've been looking around online at soap recipes and I wasn't quite sure what kinds of oils I should be using. SOOOOO I went to my local health food store (I'd kind of prefer to stick to organic, non GMO stuff) and they had coconut...
  6. NaturallyYou

    2nd /3rd Batches - And a few Questions

    Hello everyone! So I am happy to say that, even though for my first batches I am only doing small amounts, I have had quite a bit of success with my soaps. Although in my 2nd batch, I did two kinds of soap - and realized I changed to many variables to really know why they turned out sooo...
  7. C

    Rebatching Question

    Hi, I recently made some soap and used too much castor oil and ended up with a sticky soap. I want to rebatch it and am not sure how to go about it. Can I make a completely new soap and go about the regular rebatching process (grating it, adding water, etc) for both soaps? By both soaps I...
  8. Neptune

    Mixing Soaps CP and MP

    What would be needed to make a CP Embed and get it to sit correctly in a Semi-transparent MP soap? Do I spray rubbing alcohol on the embed or what gets it to set correctly? Oh, and how do I get TiO2 to turn Goat milk CP soap pure white instead of and off-white/tan color?
  9. M

    Questions of a Newbie

    Hello my name is jane and I'm a newbie. I watched soap making videos and reading a lot on how to make soaps for almost a year until i have decided to make my first batch. It was moringga soap btw I made 2lbs only since this is my first time. So i already finished making and my soap was on the...
  10. B

    am i ever going to get this right?

    Frustrated my CP soap I Made looks so pretty and smells so great but is really soft & has been in mold a little less then 3 days. My husband & I un-molded really carefully and have not cut it,we are seeing if maybe we can get some air flow around it....every thing in the soap-making process went...