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    Help! When to unfold PVC mold

    I made some soap yesterday, my first batch and i was hoping to un-mold this morning. Its all congealed and held together and the top looks like it may have pulled away from the edges a little but the bottom (i can't reach the top) is fairly soft, i can put a thumb imprint, like cold butter...
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    Releasing soap from PvC mold?

    I made my first hot process and failed to line it, because I was afraid the glopping down 2 feet of tube (way way too big) would bend the liner and defeat the purpose, and I didn't have mineral oil. Now it seems to be permanently stuck lol I do have it in my deep freeze, after an hour saw a tiny...
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    PVC & milk soap

    I want to make a CP facial, goat milk soap. I would like to mold it in PVC. I am wondering about putting it in the freezer, etc??? Any suggestions...:confused:
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    Using PVC to mold goat milk soap

    I am a newbie! I want to make a facial bar of goat milk soap in PVC pipe. What is your experience with milk soap in PVC? Do you put it in the freezer? etc???