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  1. David Christopher

    Pumpkin soap for beginner

    Hello to all I need a little help with playing around with recipes. I’m planning on making a very simple Pumpkin soap, using either a very simple 3 oil Crisco or olive oil recipe that may include goat milk. I have seen s number of recipes and was wondering. Do I reduce my water ( goats milk)...
  2. Pumpkin pie spice

    Pumpkin pie spice

    this is my finished curing pumpkin spice soap with tumeric and pumpkin pie spice. Scented with frankenscence mryh and lavander essential oil. Thank you to everyone who advised me on the is of pumpkin pie spice. I also added colloidal oatmeal. My first time using that as an additive.
  3. KimT2au

    Food stuffs in soap and preservatives

    Hi all I have been watching videos and reading posts about people using things like pumpkin puree and sweet potato puree in their soap and how yummy it is. I understand that the purees have combined with the soap and the portion of the puree that is enclosed within the soap is starved of...
  4. D

    Pumpkin... But not for Hallows.

    I know that "tis the season" for folks to be eyeballing the pumpkin scents. But I'm looking for one that could be a bit more year round. If that makes sense? All of the pumpkin scents I've Googled seem to mention pies or cinnamon or sugar, stuff like that... But I'd like one that is just a...
  5. K

    Soap scents that attract the opposite sex

    I heard one time that women were attracted to the smell of pumpkin, so I thought I could make myself some soap that smelled like pumpkin. But, on further research it looks like it's actually men not women that are attracted to the smell of pumpkin. So there goes that idea. Btw ladies, I...