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  1. Todd Ziegler

    Color disappeared

    Ok I did my first coloring of CP and it just disappeared. I used just a little over half a teaspoon of mica mixed with some of the oils I was using in the recipe but it just disappeared. I used a little sodium Lactate along with the recipe bellow and pumice. The soap looks just fine so far but...
  2. Blacksmith Soap

    Blacksmith Soap

    Collage of 3 soaps brother tested for blacksmith soap in summer of 2016. Borax, Pumice, and a combo of the two. He found the combination of Borax & Pumice to be most effective as a Blacksmith soap.
  3. BlackSmith Soap With Rebatch - 2017April09

    BlackSmith Soap With Rebatch - 2017April09

    Another one of the Blacksmith soaps I made for my brother. DB is the fragrance. https://www.soapmakingforum.com/threads/borax-hand-soap-for-blacksmith-or-other-dirty-work.61277/
  4. BlackSmith Soap - 2017April09

    BlackSmith Soap - 2017April09

    Soap I made for my brother, the blacksmith. The recipe was designed for him, based on his feedback from different formulas I tested. It is the combination of finely ground pumice plus Borax that makes this soap his favorite for cleaning blacksmithing stains. DB is the fragrance.