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  1. Nyknits

    I gotta keep my head on straight

    I find myself going from topic to It’s all so interesting and inspiring. I want to make all the soaps. But, I do know it’s all in good time. Today I’m trying a goat’s milk soap with honey. I may add some oats on top for interest. I don’t hve any fragrance oils, just EO. Maybe...
  2. Nyknits

    Are butters effective in soap?

    Good morning from Long Island, NY! Hey everybody, I have taken the advice given and limited myself to simple soap recipes and one soaping process. I started with hot process at the end of May (I waited for the Mercury retrograde to be over) and have 4 batches under my belt. I’ve been handing...
  3. Megan Garland

    CBD oil in CP Soap

    has anyone used CBD oil in cold process soap? If so what were your results or any recommendations? Thanks! ❤️
  4. T

    Do the properties of Nettle Powder make it thru Saponification?

    Hi! Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I used to make Nettle Soap for Eczema and Psoriasis using a melt and pour base but have this year switched to cp base and I am wondering wither the properties of the powder carry thru the saponification process? If you have any experience...
  5. J

    First Time Soap Maker w/ Plaque Psoriasis

    Almost every soap on the planet irritates my condition with most of the all natural alternitives smelling absolutely dreadful or leaving a unwanted film on my skin. Now there are companies online that promise relief with exotic herbs and plant extract though at over $13.00 a bar I just can’t...
  6. M

    Pine tar soap and EO

    Hi all :-) Happy to have discovered the SMF! Recently my testers have asked about pine tar soap for psoriasis. Obviously I cannot claim on my packaging that it works for psoriasis, but I am certainly open to trying it if people want it. My question is this... On the video I found about pine...