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  1. Dwilson9

    Bath bomb packaging problem

    When I shrink wrap my bath bombs, after a few days. They go soft. I’m drying them 3 days before wrapping them. They stay hard when not shrink wrapped. Can someone please explain to me why this is happening? And a solution? I much like the idea of shrink wrapping my bath bombs
  2. I

    Beginners question including lye and overheating

    Hello all. My last batch of soap turned into a disaster and I was hoping to understand, learn and move on from it. Please do forgive for such basic questions, I have only just started recently. I used 468 grams coconut oil, 150 almond oil (sweet), 124 grams lye and 234 grams water after using...
  3. J

    odd reaction when adding lye...

    So I had something happen that's entirely new to me. As I was adding the lye to the oils, the mix pretty much set up - almost seized - instantly. It wasn't a full seize, just moved through trace and to a porridge-like consistency) smooth, pourable, no grain) - Kind of like cold motor oil. The...
  4. R

    Fuzzy substance on soap while curing

    Hi guys, My most recent batch of CP Charcoal soap has developed a fuzzy, dust-like substance on its surface while curing. It behaves like dust and can be easily wiped off, however when i rub it between my fingers, it feels like soap. The soap was curing inside of a cabinet, so I dont believe it...
  5. K

    Glycerine based extracts

    Hi all, I'm in the midst of trying to formulate a HP bar soap or three that will encorporate some plant extracts. The problem is that the extracts are only available as glycetracts/glycerin based ones. I'm thinking of using them at around 1% of the soap weight but I'm not sure on what effect...
  6. QuanahRose

    Grainy oils followed by spongy soap -- what's up?

    Last night I made soap batch from a recipe of 580 grams of coconut and palm and olive oils and 193 grams of apricot kernel oil. The lye amount was 270.5 grams in 735 grams of water. 8% superfat. When I melted the oils, the liquid wasn't clear. It had what looked to me like tiny grains that...
  7. E

    Lye Problem with Milk Soap

    I'm just about to give up on milk soap. I've experimented with every variable I can think of - warm milk, cold milk, half milk, full milk, frozen milk, milk-in-oil, adding milk at trace, water discount, no water discount, soaping cool, soaping warm, various mixing times, straining the lye...
  8. B

    My first cp soap

    Okay, so I had my first experience making cold processed soap yesterday and I have a problem, my recipe was : 10 oz canola 10 oz olive oil 10 oz lard 5 oz coconut oil(76) And I superfatted with 2oz of sesame seed oil. So my problem is that I completely forgot the canola oil. I realized...
  9. S

    soap not tracing? (maybe too much water?)

    hi. this was my first time trying to make soap and everything seemed to be going fine until it wouldn't trace and just kinda stayed an eggnoggy consistency I used: 250g coconut oil 250g canola oil 750g olive oil with 174g lye and 450mL water I'm not sure if I used too much water...
  10. G

    Are these oil or maybe lye (!?) pockets? (photo)

    Hi Fellow Soapmakers, I’m fairly new to soap making and this is my 5th soap. I was hoping that some experienced and friendly soap makers could help me in identifying (and avoiding in future) the main problem with my soap - semi transparent pockets of something that looks like melt and pour...
  11. L

    Did my soaps went rancid?

    Hi to everyone, I'm making olive oil soaps (4% superfatting) I'm having discoloration problems with some of my soaps and i don't know if it's rancid issue or just an aesthetic problem from curing process. The discoloration occurs always at the bottom of the soap as they cure. The soaps cure...
  12. H

    Adventures with homemade coconut milk

    Hi everyone, so... Uh... Help... Find the perfect recipe is hard work but I almost did it... Almost... The recipe is for a goat milk soap that is moisturising, mild, cleans well...but the bubbles are too low. In an attempt to make it bubble more I added 5% castor, 3% sugar. Then I read that...
  13. Lissa Loo

    Sweating soap/ just poured

    I tried to make a face bar last night. I used store bought almond milk and fresh goat's milk. My recipe used sea clay and I read on a blog to add water to it before hand. Well, I didn't have distilled on hand so I mixed it with a tbs of Deer Park. I checked on it after 2hrs in the freezer and...
  14. H

    Soap is making me break!

    Hi everyone, I have encountered a huuuge problem. My last batch of bastile soap has made my face break out horribly. Please, help me by pointing out what could be the proble . My recipe: 312g pomace olive oil 88g coconut oil 31g castor oil 10g s.almond oil 63g lye 63g of water 10g...