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  1. N

    What kind of a printer and paper for labels?

    I would like to start printing labels for my soap instead of handwriting labels. In which direction I should look ? Of course I would like to have my labels in colour . I don't mind regular paper however I would like to have possibilities to print on the sticker paper. I tried to look at it in...
  2. cmzaha

    Lower Labeling Cost

    I found these labels on Amazon and loving them. I always put my labels inside my shrink wrap to keep the labels clean. I have always used Avery 2x4" labels and they are not cheap and the labels always sticks badly to the soap.These :thumbs: labels do not have the...
  3. McLasz

    Suggestions for Having Labels Printed & Design Help?

    Good Morning My Fellow Soapy Friends! I am at that stage where I have been printing my labels myself but now need to graduate to the next level of having them printed professionally. Could also use some design help. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I can get this done without losing...