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  1. Ronda Stika

    My 4th of July Event Star Soap

    Since my red, white & blue cupcakes aren't what I envisioned, I decided to make a loaf of Stars & Stripes soap with the cute star embeds I had previously made. My piping skills are so-so, I hope to improve and have a new recipe just for frosting. I would love feedback! Since I will be selling...
  2. D

    SC Fragrance Oils

    Does anyone know if SC fragrance oils are worth the STEEP price they ask? :)
  3. H

    Anyone who sells lotion using a base? Newbie that needs advice!

    I am going to start selling Organic Lotion, and I am starting out using a base and will be adding fragrance. I have been doing some research because this is all new to me, I will selling in 8oz bottles and with my cost of everything I will have about 3.50 into each bottle. I am seeing retail...