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  1. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Limits for adding Citric acid in bar soap

    I just started using 1% ppo citric acid to reduce the likelihood of soap scum and rancidity. Of course, since 10g citric acid neutralizes 6g of NaOH, I counteract this addition of citric acid with an excess of NaOH. My impression is that many soapers use 1 to 2% citric acid for bars as a...
  2. origo

    How to prevent your soap to go bad and have orange spots

    I searched the forum for some info on this but couldn't find much. So what I want to achieve: - Have soaps that don't have orange spots after some time and stay at least 1 year before they go bad. (cold process) On a search on google I found: Use Rosemary EO in it, since it's a natural...