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  1. Vickyn

    Small sized Molds. Newbie needs some help

    Hi guys. I'm new to soap making with CP. I've done melt and pour a lot, mainly because I have a really small apartment, but I want to control the ingredients and oils. So my issue is small sized moulds and keeping the mixture liquid enough to pour. I've read A LOT of advice on various threads...
  2. Loqueris

    Hot filling help?

    Hey all, First time posting here. Hoping someone can help! I make and sell a natural deodorant product that’s coconut oil based. Currently, I melt all the ingredients in a large boiler and then hand pour the semi-viscous solution into the individual containers. It’s effective, but tedious and...
  3. goji_fries

    Air bubbles, med-thick pour

    I can't seem to get rid of all the bubbles in mixes. Pouring too thick? I try to pound out the bubbles but it doesn't work. Your thought or suggestions atr welcome.