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  1. RedLance'sApoth

    Additives to create Opacity?

    Hello! I'm working with Essentials by Catalina's Artisanal Sulfate Free Glycerin Soap base. After a few experiments, I'm realizing that I would prefer the bars be more opaque. I'm wondering if the collective wisdom here has any ideas about what I could add to achieve this? I'd prefer to stay...
  2. nalexandra92

    Pillar candle help! Air pockets

    Hello! I'm a total newbie and need a bit of help! I can't figure out or find out how to stop these big air pockets happening on taper candles! I'm using kerawax 4600 pillar paraffin wax. Would a different type of wax be better? is there a pour technique I need to know about? Thanks in advance xx
  3. Nan D.

    Very New

    Hi, I'm Nan from Arizona. I just started making melt and pour soaps yesterday. I ordered 2 lbs of pifito base from Amazon and have already used it all :) This is going to be an adventure!October m&p by Nan D. posted Oct 20, 2018 at 12:40 AM
  4. Loqueris

    Hot filling help?

    Hey all, First time posting here. Hoping someone can help! I make and sell a natural deodorant product that’s coconut oil based. Currently, I melt all the ingredients in a large boiler and then hand pour the semi-viscous solution into the individual containers. It’s effective, but tedious and...
  5. ForTheDogs

    Fridge or room temperature for setting?

    After pouring M&P, is it preferable to let the soap harden at room temperature, or use the fridge? I know some folk pop their molds into the fridge to help it along, but I've seen many videos of folks that leave them out at room temperature. Is one better than another?