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  1. glendam

    Dual lye - how to?

    When you do a cold process dual lye recipe (in my case 95% sodium hydroxide and 5% potassium hydroxide), do you mix each separately with a ratio of the water or liquid? Or can they be mixed in the same container? If the latter, is it normal that the water turns to gel consistency? Update: Thank...
  2. B

    I don't know if I need help?

    So yeah, I got into soap making (hot process) but messed it up a few times. Attepmt 1: used alluminium pot 2: PTFE pot but scratched the pot and the KOH reacted with the alluminium beneath. 3: the mixture didn't trace at ALL and after moulding it's still wet (72hrs have passed) Current...
  3. H

    Making and using (wood-ash) lye crystals

    Last year I tried my first batch of soap and turned out with a slightly saponified jar of lard, or so it appeared. I had trouble finding instructions that covered all my variables: esp. using homemade lye crystals and lard. Here are some questions I have: I boiled my leachate from the...
  4. T

    liquid soap

    I tried liquid soap today from scratch using Khydroxide - it started foaming when I added the lye to the oil and then started volcanoeing soon after that - what did I do wrong - once it cooled it's a thick pudding - but worried about it foaming again - did i get it too hot? or did I add a wrong...