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  1. Savage Daughter

    Make infusing oils, alcohol, butters & water less of a PITA ❤️

    I have been going through all of my equipment, colorants etc in preparation for full-on soap making for this year. I take a bit of a break during the winter as I don't do markets & I don't do seasonal-type designs for the most part. Just not something I enjoy. Anyways, as I was going through my...
  2. xoticsoaps

    Quick Question About Adding Extracts to Emulsions...

    Some websites list various extracts as being 'soluble in water', but I've always thought of plant & fruit extracts as additives. My question is this, when using a water soluble extract is it necessary to count it as a percentage of the water phase? Or, can I just add it after mixing the oil and...