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  1. E

    Soap Turned to pink!

    Hi there, I had a problem when I unmolded the soap the other day. Only outside of the whole batch turned to unwanted pink!:cry: It's beautiful, but that color doesn't make sense since the name of the soap is "Shea Butter Charcoal Soap". I have never had this problem before. I didn't use...
  2. S

    Madder root infusion query

    I'm going to try a madder root soap this evening using an infusion I made a few weeks ago. I was just wondering what % of infused oil people would suggest? I dont want it too red, a nice pink would be great. I've found a 25% soap while researching but would appreciate any advice +/- pics...
  3. kharmon320

    WSP Magnolia

    Soaped Magnolia this weekend. It does move a bit quick, but I pre-colored the entire batch with French Pink clay and had a darker pink mica ready for a swirl. Seemed fine to begin with, but as I poured the lighter pink batter started turning to applesauce, but would smooth back out if stirred...