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  1. kaysejean

    Help with Adding Photos to Media

    Hello all. I hope I didn't miss something already addressing this, but I didn't find anything when I searched. I think I have something odd happening when I try to add photos of my soaps to the Media section. I am trying to create some albums, and add my soapy pictures to them. Unfortunately...
  2. cmzaha

    Dragon's Blood Monster

    Poured this last week. Can you see the my Monsters? I think they look pretty neat :D
  3. Zing

    for a fundraiser

    These are for my church's auction coming up. I've posted some pics of these before but the soaps are rosemary, lavender, orange, and bergamot. The lotion bars are scented with plumeria FO I got while in Hawaii on vacation.
  4. SaltedFig

    SMF Soap Challenges ... across the years

    Our SMF soapmaking challenges have been running for over three years. As always, they are hosted by members of this forum and the contestants receive no prize for their winning entries ... except, perhaps, for the adulation of their peers. This is a look back, across history, at the...
  5. NaturallyYou

    2nd Batch

    Ok - I'll admit it, I am slowly but surely becoming addicted to the art of soap making. I know I am still a newbie, but things are coming along. I have been trying to keep my bars simple, ingredient wise; and started trying different colors. This is how they turned out (picture attached.) I...
  6. B

    What do you think? Rebatch

    So as some of you know that have been helping this newbie out ,that I have been having issues making soap :( I made a really pretty mint green CP soap scented with BB cucumber melon. It was colored with High Ph labcolor in Green & to make it lighter with a sparkle I use a white mica all from BB...