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  1. Zing

    for a fundraiser

    These are for my church's auction coming up. I've posted some pics of these before but the soaps are rosemary, lavender, orange, and bergamot. The lotion bars are scented with plumeria FO I got while in Hawaii on vacation.
  2. Mommysoaper

    It's been awhile... but here's some soap!

    Haven't been on the forum for awhile because it's been so crazy since the school year started, but here are a few I've been working on: The first one is BB's Gingersnap, the second is NG's Black raspberry Vanilla, the third is Peak's Pumpkin Spice; and fourth is NG's Christmas Cabin. They...
  3. Mommysoaper

    Weekend soaps!

    I didn't get a chance to make bar soap until Sunday night but I was able to squeak out one hot process- Buttercream Snickerdoodle (brown and white) and my mica swirl which I scented with BB's Grapefruit Lily. My house smells so good now! Both of the FOs seem to compliment each other- so yummy!
  4. Mommysoaper

    Finally, some liquid soap!

    I've been fighting with my liquid soap and finally have some that I am fairly satisfied with, yay! I fragranced this batch with NG's Coconut Lime Verbana--which reminds me of the beach! Can't wait to use this stuff! Still has little tiny bubbles in it from being poured into the bottles, but...