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    Hair perfume?

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone knew where I could purchase a product that I can add fragrance oil to to make a hair perfume spray? TIA
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    10 ml roll-on perfumes ratio

    Hello all! I am wanting to include perfume roll-ons in my line and had a question. For a 10 ml bottle, how much fractionated coconut oil do I add and how much FO do I add? TIA!
  3. D

    Can i use lemon essential as perfume?

    Hi!! Very new user here! I have always been sooooo in love with scent of lemons and I am never satisfied with the "lemon scented" perfumes on the market. I was wondering if I can use lemon essential oil? I was thinking about mixing it with some of my amazing shea butter and applying that where...
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    Perfume Oil?

    Hi, All! Looking at creating roll-on perfume oil, wondering about usage rates. The company I buy the bulk of my FO's from, BB, doesn't have a fragrance calculator for Perfume specifically, but I would guess the next best thing would be the rates for lotion at 0.2 oz/ppo, however I find it's...