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  1. J

    Percent turmeric powder to use in sugar scrub?

    Hi everyone! I’m making a turmeric sugar scrub using turmeric powder to help reduce hyperpigmentation, scarring and inflammation. What is the lowest percent of turmeric powder I can use in this scrub and have it still be effective? Right now I use 5% but it stains and idk if I really need to use...
  2. Iluminameluna

    Issues with a veg oil soap that's palm and soy.

    Hi, all, I'm wondering what I did wrong with the formulation of a veg oil soap (experimental) that's 70% palm oil & 30% soy. I added some coconut oil, olive and castor. No added salt, sugar or fragrance. My issues are 2. I just unmolded and cut it tonight and, though I know it's raw, the...
  3. Iluminameluna

    Unknown % palm oil and bovine tallow in shortening

    I'm overseas and trying to use what I can find to make soap. I found this shortening that ppl call "manteca" but it's made with some form of palm oil and bovine tallow (that's what it says on the pkg). The thing is, the pkg is 200g but the breakdown of the fats are only for the serving size...
  4. Butterfly777

    Ingredient proportions / percentages

    Hi I am a M&P newbie :) I do not know how to figure out how much (in weight / volume or percentage) of each ingredient to put in. Per kg, how much of the batch should be lye water, how much should be a combination of the oils, the solvents, fatty acids etc. I am trying to create my own recipe...
  5. NaturallyYou

    Looking for ideas...

    I tried to find a good recipe for my 1lb mold - and have a few ideas but was wondering if anyone is willing to share their percentages? I have coconut oil, castor oil, and almond oil to use... Any suggestions? Should I add in a different type of oil or take out any? This is my first time...
  6. I

    Recipe % to grams (price) calculator + HLB calculator

    I have put a couple of free downloadable excel spreadsheets on my blog - One is a HLB calculator and the other is a Recipe calculator - converts % to grams and also calculates costs of ingredients in that recipe Hope they come in handy.