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  1. spiritpots

    peppermint tea turning lye water dark orange

    I am new to soap making and my first three batches have turned out great. I couple of weeks ago I made a Lavender Rosemary soap and used sage infused distilled water instead of plain distilled water. The lye water turned dark green from using the sage infused water and the color of the soap is...
  2. D

    Minty minty minty!

    So there's a fairly big variety of mints out there. But there are what? The big three? Spearmint, Peppermint, and does Wintergreen count? My problem is, with those three, I can imagine tastes but not smells. I often see Peppermint used for candy or baked goods-themed soaps, and Spearmint often...
  3. S

    First Goat Milk Soap Turned Out Well I Think!

    I made my very first batch of Goat Milk soap this weekend and I am thrilled that it turned out a light cream color. It was my first time using a colorant and I also added some peppermint EO. I can't wait for the bars to cure so I can use one. They smell like X-mas! :grin:
  4. C

    Salt and pepperming in MP oozing brown?

    Hi, I am brand new here and am wondering if anyone has experienced making a salt bar with mp base and dried herbs (I used solar sea salt and peppermint leaf). It was looking and working great until a few days later I noticed brown liquid oozing from my bar of soap and running down my shower...