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    Minty minty minty!

    So there's a fairly big variety of mints out there. But there are what? The big three? Spearmint, Peppermint, and does Wintergreen count? My problem is, with those three, I can imagine tastes but not smells. I often see Peppermint used for candy or baked goods-themed soaps, and Spearmint often...
  2. S

    First Goat Milk Soap Turned Out Well I Think!

    I made my very first batch of Goat Milk soap this weekend and I am thrilled that it turned out a light cream color. It was my first time using a colorant and I also added some peppermint EO. I can't wait for the bars to cure so I can use one. They smell like X-mas! :grin:
  3. C

    Salt and pepperming in MP oozing brown?

    Hi, I am brand new here and am wondering if anyone has experienced making a salt bar with mp base and dried herbs (I used solar sea salt and peppermint leaf). It was looking and working great until a few days later I noticed brown liquid oozing from my bar of soap and running down my shower...