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  1. Alfa_Lazcares

    Should I wick up?

    So I keep reading that you need to have a complete melt pool, but for some reason I cant get this one to make a full pool. This is parafin, and yes my wick is slightly off, but after several hours on two days, this is as far as it goes. Once the candle burns more I dont know if it will melt the...
  2. nalexandra92

    Pillar candle help! Air pockets

    Hello! I'm a total newbie and need a bit of help! I can't figure out or find out how to stop these big air pockets happening on taper candles! I'm using kerawax 4600 pillar paraffin wax. Would a different type of wax be better? is there a pour technique I need to know about? Thanks in advance xx
  3. jiroband

    Scented Candle -- I GIVE UP!

    I've been making CP soap successfully for the past 6 years, so I thought making scented candles would be easy -- WRONG! I've made 3 candles now, trying different paraffin waxes and FO's, but I can't get a noticeable scent. I decided on all paraffin wax for maximum scent. The first 2 attempts...
  4. W

    Help with paraffin classification

    I'd like to start making candles and looking to acquire paraffin. In my country there is scarcity of candle supply shops, mostly offering very expensive soy wax and overseas shipping also is not an option. So I reviewed some chemicals shops and found few paraffins (melting point) offered for...