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    Q about using paraffin wax in with soy wax for tarts

    i have a question: I have soy wax marketed specifically for wax tarts but I’m not impressed with the cold and hot throw of the EO I use at 6%. So I wanted to use some of the paraffin Art Minds (Michael’s craft store) as a mixer to increase the throw. But what is the proper calculation of...
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    Could use Some Help Re: Paraffin wax/other waxes combo

    First off, I apologize for not fully researching this on the boards first. I suffer from narcolepsy and i fall asleep when I start reading a lot :( I have about 6 pounds of soy wax flakes for container candles.I bought it with 50% and 60% off coupons! I love the stuff. But my daughter convinced...
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    Help with paraffin classification

    I'd like to start making candles and looking to acquire paraffin. In my country there is scarcity of candle supply shops, mostly offering very expensive soy wax and overseas shipping also is not an option. So I reviewed some chemicals shops and found few paraffins (melting point) offered for...