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  1. Box_Coop

    High-Quality Box Packaging for Soaps

    The Box Co-op is introducing a new line of box packaging to fit your soap molds. This is a new program that will be expanding as we move forward. These designer boxes are produced on the same high-quality paper we use on our custom packaging – only these are specifically designed to fit your...
  2. Molly Mop

    Eco friendly Alternative wrapping to shrink wrap for M&P

    ive been using shrink wrap for several years for my M&P soap. It is has always been very successful, but I would like to use a more eco-friendLy, biodegradable or recycleable wrap. Has anyone any suggestions? I've seen references to polyolefin film but this only seems to be available in...
  3. MatthewDM

    Soap packaging recycled stock paper

    Hi! I like my packaging design but want to use recycled stock paper that is the same color that I have now (link below). Anyone know of a good online vendor for recycled stock paper?