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  1. StoneCottageSoapworks

    Hand stampers for Kraft Paper soapboxes

    I am looking for information on types and brands of hand stampers of decorate my new kraft soapboxes with a simple design in black. At the most it would be 2" x 2". Has anyone any suggestions on hand-stampers that I may buy online and have set up with my design? Thanks for any assistance you...
  2. Box_Coop

    Printed stock boxes to fit your soaps

    We have partnered with Soap Equipment to create a line of stock, printed boxes designed specifically to fit their soap molds. Printed on the same high-quality paper we use for our custom box packaging, these boxes are printed in soft colors with subtle, repeating patterns designed to blend in...
  3. Hendejm

    Guest Amenities Packaging

    I finally finished the guest amenities for our Airbnb. Along with the soaps and such - I created a menu for them if they choose to purchase anything. Amenities include: One 1 ounce bar for bathroom sink One 2.25 ounce bar for shower One 2 ounce Conditioner* One 2 ounce shampoo* One 8 ounce hand...
  4. Box_Coop

    High-Quality Box Packaging for Soaps

    The Box Co-op is introducing a new line of box packaging to fit your soap molds. This is a new program that will be expanding as we move forward. These designer boxes are produced on the same high-quality paper we use on our custom packaging – only these are specifically designed to fit your...
  5. MatthewDM

    Soap packaging recycled stock paper

    Hi! I like my packaging design but want to use recycled stock paper that is the same color that I have now (link below). Anyone know of a good online vendor for recycled stock paper?
  6. MatthewDM

    Listing ingredients

    Hello, I want to sell a beer soap on sites like etsy and my own website. When listing the ingredients can I just list the beer itself or am I required to lists all of the ingredients in the beer?
  7. S

    How should I package my soap?

    Should I do gift basket type wrapping? Several bars in a bag? What are some good ideas that people seem to really like? Right now, I just have a label around rectangle bars.